The James Bond Collection / CD (2002) - PRIMEtime / Silva Screen Records - TVPMCD 808

 CD 1/4: Dr. No - Thunderball

1  The James Bond Theme (Original Version)  Dr. No  


 Death Of A Tarantula / Killing the Guard 

 Death Of Dr. No


 fehlt auf dem Soundtrack

3  From Russia With Love (Film Version)  From Russia With Love  
4  The Zagreb Express    fehlt auf dem Soundtrack
5  The Golden Horn    
6  Girl Trouble    
7  007 Takes The Lektor    
8  From Russia With Love (Symphonic Version)    
9  Into Miami / Alpine Drive  Goldfinger  
10  Dawn Raid At Fort Knox    korrekter Titel: Dawn Raid On Fort Knox
11  Goldfinger    
12  Thunderball  Thunderball  
13  The Bomb / Café Martinique    
14  Fight On The Disco Volante / Death Of Largo    

 CD 2/4: You Only Live Twice - Live And Let Die

1  Bond's Funeral / Mountains and Sunsets  You Only Live Twice  
2  The Wedding / Capsule In Space    
3  You Only Live Twice    
4  This Never Happend To The Other Fella'  On Her Majesty's Secret Service  
5  We Have All The Time In The World    
6  Bond Meets The Girls    
7  The Ski Chase    
8  Mr. Wint And Mr. Kidd  Diamonds Are Forever  
9  Circus, Circus    
10  Blofeld's Laser    fehlt auf dem Soundtrack
11  Diamonds Are Forever    
12  Live And Let Die  Live And Let Die  

 CD 3/4: The Man With The Golden Gun - Octopussy

1  The Man With The Golden Gun  The Man With The Golden Gun  
2  Kung Fu Fight / Let's Go Get 'Em    

 Chew Me In Grisly Land / Return To

 Scaramanga's Fun House

4  Slow Boat From China / Nick Nack    fehlt auf dem Soundtrack
5  Nobody Does It Better  The Spy Who Loved Me  
6  The Tanker    
7  Ride To Atlantis    
8  Arrival At Chateau Drax / Freefall  Moonraker  fehlt auf dem Soundtrack
9  Miss Goodhead Meets Bond    
10  Flight Into Space    
11  Moonraker    
12  For Your Eyes Only  For Your Eyes Only  


 Bond Meets Octopussy / The Palace Fight

14  All Time High    

 CD 4/4: A View To A Kill - The World Is Not Enough

1  Wine With Stacy / Fanfare / Snow Job  A View To A Kill  fehlt auf dem Soundtrack: Fanfare
2  Koskov Escapes / Hercules Take Off  The Living Daylights  
3  Mujahadin / Afghanistan Plan    fehlt auf dem Soundtrack: Afghanistan Plan
4  Air Bond / Necros Attack    
5  End Title    
6  Suite  Licence To Kill  fehlt auf dem Soundtrack (?)
7  GoldenEye  GoldenEye  
8  Tank Drive Around St. Petersburg    Titel: A Pleasant Drive In St. Petersburg
9  Tomorrow Never Dies  Tomorrow Never Dies  
10  Surrender    
11  Ice Bandits  The World Is Not Enough  
12  Access Denied    
13  The World Is Not Enough    
14  The James Bond Theme (Symphonic Version)    



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