James Bond 007 - 13 Original Themes / CD (1983) - Liberty - CDP 7 46079 2 - Mono/Stereo - AAD
1  The James Bond Theme  MNO  von: Dr. No
2  From Russia With Love  Matt Munro  von: From Russia With Love
3  Goldfinger  Shirley Bassey  von: Goldfinger
4  Thunderball   Tom Jones  von: Thunderball
5  You Only Live Twice  Nancy Sinatra  von: You Only Live Twice
6  We Have All The Time In The World  Louis Armstrong  von: On Her Majesty's Secret Service
7  Diamonds Are Forever  Shirley Bassey  von: Diamonds Are Forever
8  Live And Let Die  Paul McCartney & The Wings  von: Live And Let Die
9  The Man With The Golden Gun  Lulu  von: The Man With The Golden Gun
10  Nobody Does It Better  Carly Simon  von: The Spy Who Loved Me
11  Moonraker  Shirley Bassey  von: Moonraker
12  For Your Eyes Only  Sheena Easton  von: For Your Eyes Only
13  All Time High  Rita Coolidge  von: Octopussy

WindowsMediaPlayer gibt den Titel der CD korrekt wieder, allerdings stimmen die Tracks nicht:

The For Your Eyes Only, Goldfinger, James Bond Theme, Moonraker, Thunderball, We Have All The Time In The World, Man With The Golden Gun, From Russia With Love, The Diamonds Are Forever, Live And Let Die, Nobody Does it Better, All Time High, You Only Live Twice 

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