CD (2003) Remastered

 Capitol Records



 EMI Records USA

 0777 7 96209 2 0


1  Diamonds Are Forever

 Vocals: Shirley Bassey

 X  X  X
2  Bond Meets Bambi And Thumper  X  X  X
3  Moon Buggy Ride  X  X  X
4  Circus, Circus  X  X  X
5  Death At The Whyte House  X  X  X
6  Diamonds Are Forever 
 (Source Instrumental)
 X  X  X
7  Diamonds Are Forever
 (Bond And Tiffany)
 X  X  X
8  Bond Smells A Rat  X  X  X
9  Tiffany Case  X  X  X
10  007 And Counting  X  X  X
11  Q's Trick  X  X  X
12  To Hell With Blofeld  X  X  X
   Bonus Tracks (Previously Unreleased) :       
13  Gunbarrel And Manhunt  X     
14  Mr. Wint And Mr. Kidd /
 Bond To  Holland
15  Peter Franks  X    
16  Airport Source / On The Road  X    
17  Slumber, Inc.  X    
18  The Whyte House  X    
19  Plenty, Then Tiffany  X    
20  Following The Diamonds  X    
21  Additonal And Alternate Cues  X    

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